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New England

Who doesn't enjoy a beautiful Caribbean island especially in the winter time.

Enjoy not only pristine waters but tasty caribbean food.

Enjoy beautiful sand beaches where you can just relax or snorkel and enjoy the colorful fish.

Don't forget to take advantage of the local crafts as you go from island to island. Experience English French Spanish history as each island tells its own story.

Every year we explore the great Alaska Wilderness

From Vancouver to Fairbanks and everything in between. From 7 to 10 days

Attention is given to wildlife as the mothers are caring for their young.

Animals usually seen are Whales, Dall porpoise, Sea Otters, Sea Lions, Puffins, Orcas, Eagles, Dall sheep and Mountain Goats, Bears and Moose.

Scenery includes Emerald Lake, Klondike Trail into Canada, Mendenhall Glacier, Hubbard Glacier, Denali, St Elias Mountain Range and one of the prettiest train rides in North America

Join us for the Fall Foliage trip into New England

The theme is Landscape - Light Houses - Lobsters

We seek out the various Light Houses in New England and enjoy the beautify fall scenery as we do so.

Of course you have to eat while doinf so and they say they have lobsters there so we try out some of the various ways to eat this famous crustasion

We go into Canada as well to see the famous Fundy Bay with it's world famous tidal swings. See a river reverse its flow and enjoy some of the prettiest waterfalls to be seen.

Stops include Boston, Portland ME, Bar Harbor, St John NB and Halifax NS